Available in Haarlem

Coffee is more than just the bean. Kombucha is more than just fermented tea. Pirate Cat Kombucha brings a new dimension to specialty coffee.

Everyone is familiar with coffee as made from the seed (or “bean”) of the coffee plant. But did you know that delicious beverages can also be made from the flower, leaf, and the husk of the fruit that protects the seed?

Coffee flower can be used to brew teas that have a delicate floral aroma, subtly sweet flavor, and a clean, crisp finish. Coffee leaf tends towards more herbal notes, similar to green teas in some respects, but without any of the bitterness of traditional teas. Cascara often has a fruity and tart flavor profile, with notes of cherry, hibiscus, and red currant and natural sweetness.

The kombucha fermentation process adds further complexity and interest to the already-delicious tea brewed from these ingredients, such as hints of green apple acidity in the coffee leaf kombucha.

Our coffee cherry kombucha and coffee flower kombucha are currently being served at Coffee Habits, Native Haarlem, Kohi koffiebar, Maeva, and A Good Year Natural Wine.

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Brewed in Haarlem.